Monday, 9 May 2011

Exam Practice

Discuss the ways in which media products are produced and distrubuted to audiences with in a media area you have studied.

The ways in which media products are ditrubuted and produced have changed over the years, technology has become one of the key factors.
these days web 2.0 is used, people produce videos and use websites to distrubute the video, many people use you tube browse and add videos. unlike the past where to become a producer you would have to have alot of money and most importantly be a proffesional. Media convergence is made possible by Web 2.0 as it allows to share and interact with others which Web 1.0 didnt.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Homework for March 7th

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Definition of blanket release.
  • A blanket release permits any use of the photographic image of the person signing the release and is suitable if the company or photographer needs an unlimited right to use the image.
  • Celebrities and professional models usually sign limited releases that specify the particular ways their image and name may be used.
Was their teaser campaign ?
Yes, as it is a sequel to Big momma 2. Big Momma 2 was a famous film and has been seen by millions of people.  So the teaser campaign was affective as it made the audience anxious.

Trailers or Posters
The posters are effective because it tells the audience more about the movie.
This poster tells you that the fbi agent (also known as big momma) has involved his son, due to the previous films.
The poster also tells the audience when the film is in the cinema.

Trailers are used to give the audience an idea about the film.
Who are they targeting?
They are targeting teenagers and family as it is a comedy. The film is about how a father and son and is a 12a therefore kids may ask to see the film and parents may have to supervise.
It was a red carpet premier at London, it was a big release with many celebrity’s, fans and promoters. E.g. Casts, directors and PR
The film has not been nominated for any specific awards as it is a recent release.
The  movie is distributed be "20th Century Fox".

Monday, 14 February 2011

The busness - Understanding Filmmaking

The shoot
contains five teams:
chain of command
special effects term.
camera team
lighting and sound

The marketing team will market the film to the public.
They identify the best audience for the film.
Also identify the unique selling point.
They will draw up projections of how it will perform.
They will set up a market budget.
The market team runs test screening.

Assist editors created an assembly of clips editor make a rough cut.
second department lays audio.
Score written sometimes for movies or specific scene.
Credits and effects added.

Stars help sell movies as stars have loyal fans.
Good sales in cinema can guarantee good sales in other windows such as "DVD".
Distributor produces hundreds of copies of the film.

The producer has to sell the finished product to a distributor.
key elements should be showcased in trailer without giving too much away.
A sales agent will estimate of how well the movie will do.
To create success the producer creates a buzz around their movie to boost awareness.

Once all the heads of department are hired the shooting
script is circulated and pre production begins. The producer,
director and casting director begin choosing the actors.
Storyboards are like the blueprints for the film, every shot is
planned in advance.
The production designer plans every aspect of how the film
will look.
Effects shots are planned in detail and can take months to
design and build.

The Idea

Sources of inspiration was from real life events,
remakes, original ideas, newspaper, book, plays, films.
Producer makes the idea into reality. Directorhelps producer
into developing ides into something then can be timed.
Writer defines and clarifies the idea. Treatment description
of key events and people in the filmPitch contains all the
information producer needs in order to sell the ideas to
finance to commissions.
Script genre, market, brief synopsis, rough budget.

Development finance
The producer uses treatment and pitch, plus persuasion to
get money to develop a script.
The producer approaches the film production companies for
development money. The companies ask for right of the
Sales company, broadcaster, distribution company ask for
selling and viewing right after giving development money.
Producer can also apply to public finding companies such as
UK film council for money.

Script Development
Writer and producer produce a synopsis and work closely
together with each other.
The step outline contains short description and events and
dialogue. Revisions, when the writer gets the script editor to
Final draft, the director writer, and producer all approve the
The writer gets a fee. Sales treatment, the synopsis is
designed to sell the film to finance.

To secure the investment to make the film, the producer 
needs to travel.
Private individuals, production companies and public bodies 
all invest in films. The producers lawyer draws up contracts 
to seal the deal.
Also raise money from pre sales. Departments of banks also 
offer loans or financing in commercial projects. Financers 
insist on a completion bond, insurance for the project.
Once all the funding and insurance is secure the producer 
gets a green light. 

Is the producers key responsibility. Assistant collect 
elements of packaging. The package is the main tool to get 
production money.
A common way to get it commercialized is to attach well 
known stars to the script.
To turn the film into a proper business proposition, the 
producer must know how much it is going to cost to make.
Potential investors will want to know the producer plans to 
raise money, and how to pay them back.